Creative Media’s CBM Happy Face Finder - Train your brain to be more positive and optimistic

sad-snow/s6.png pos 0sad-snow/s8.png pos 1sad-snow/s9.png pos 2sad-snow/s11.png pos 3happy/h3.pngsad-snow/s2.png pos 5sad-snow/s12.png pos 6sad-snow/s10.png pos 7sad-snow/s3.png pos 8sad-snow/s7.png pos 9sad-snow/s1.png pos 10sad-snow/s4.png pos 11

Each grid of faces will contain one who is smiling. Click on the happy face.

Some researchers believe that performing this online Cognitive Bias Modification (CBM) exercise regularly can help train your brain to look for positives instead of negatives. TIP: if the faces won’t all fit your screen, use the browser’s zoom out feature.

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